Can I or other family members appear in more than one “fundraising portrait”?

No individual can appear in two or more family fundraising portraits. Our photographer will capture a minimum of 3 poses and can arrange these poses to suit your needs. Additional poses can also be photographed. The only time any person may appear in more than one family portrait fundraiser is in the case of divorced / separated couples or in blended families.

Do I have to pay for my fundraising fee when I make my appointment time?

Your coordinator will collect your fundraising money when allocating your sitting time. 100% of this contribution is retained by your organisation. If paying online you will pay your sitting fee at the time you select your sitting time.

Do I need to make an appointment time?

To ensure the day runs smoothly for all families involved it is necessary to make an appointment.

What should I wear / bring to my sitting?

Think how you would like your family to be presented:


  • Denim and white, denim and black and bright colours all look great against a white backdrop.
  • Colour coordinating and coordinating the look of the whole family is an important part of producing a professional portrait.
  • Bring toys and props that are special to your child.
  • Think about hair and grooming.
  • Ensure outfits are ready to go the day before.
  • Think about floor posing – you will be casually posed on the backdrop on the floor, so please be ready to take off your shoes and sit down.


  • Avoid clothes with patterns, logos and stripes.
  • Avoid the colour green (Digital photography does not like green).
  • Avoid novelty or “crazy” attire unless brought along for a single pose.
Can I bring my pet?

Please check with your fundraising coordinator. We welcome pets; however the final decision lies with your coordinator, as some organisations do not allow pets onto their premises due to workplace safety regulations, allergies or if they are cautious of children who may be frightened by animals.

PLEASE NOTE: If your coordinator does give permission, the first appointment of the day or first appointment after lunch are the best times to be photographed with your pet.

Can our fundraising portrait feature children only?

All fundraising portraits must feature a minimum of 2 generations.

eg Parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren.

Children can only be photographed “alone” in a fundraising portrait if the entire photographic package is purchased in advance of your sitting time.

What is the largest number of people that can be photographed as a family?

12-15 people, depending on age and size. If you have a large family that you would like to have photographed, please call our toll free number (1300 653 883) before your photo day and we can discuss your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: When photographing a large group as a family portrait it is often necessary to allocate two appointment times to allow adequate time. In this scenario you need only pay one family portrait sitting fee.

When will I receive my fundraising portrait and keyring?

Your photographer will work with you to arrange a viewing time for you to collect your fundraising items and view additional poses with no obligation. The viewing date will be approximately two and a half weeks after the portrait shoot.

Do I have to attend the viewing to receive my fundraising portrait?

An adult that appears in the fundraising family portrait must attend the viewing to remain eligible to receive the fundraising portrait. If alternate arrangements have not been made prior to the viewing day with your photographer, the fundraising portrait order is null and void.